Directional Drilling

We can offer you an experienced and accredited drilling crew for your next project.

Our team have experience in all aspects of horizontal direction drilling from installing simple 50mm conduit through to large complex drilling. We have encountered all types of ground conditions are a confident in our abilities to get your drill shot completed.

Our team hold qualifications in Certificate III in Trechless Technology, guaranteeing you a quality install every time.

Directional Drilling Projects

Optic Fibre and RMU Works

Onslow Salt

Geographe Excavation and Underground Power has successfully completed the following works for our client Onslow Salt. Installation, cut over and commissioning of the new RMU, Metering and Voltage Transformers across two separate sites in Onslow. These works also involved the installation of 2.5km of pit and pipe network, hauling of optic fibre and commissioning of […]

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Remote Drilling

Horizon Power

Geographe Excavation and Underground Power was engaged on a project in the north west to complete 4 x 245m drill shots containing 2x160mm and 1 x63mm conduits at an average depth of 9m. With limited access through sand dune vegetation that required extensive environmental controls including heritage monitoring, the project was delivered on time using […]

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Water Main Replacement

Water Corporation

Water Corporation engaged Geographe Excavation and Underground Power to install a new 110mm water main via directional drilling to replace the existing ageing water main. The project was located on a steep hill with lots of granite in the soil, making the site challenging for our team. Despite this, our team was able to complete […]

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Onslow Distributed Energy Resource

Horizon Power

The Onslow Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Project connected traditional energy sources with distributed solar and battery solutions, to maximise the amount of renewable energy in Onslow. Geographe Excavation and Underground Power was engaged by Horizon Power for the installation over 12kms of 400HV feeder cables from a new zone substation to the existing Onslow distribution […]

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