Jundee Mine Power Upgrade

G.E.C / Northern Star Resources

Over 20 years ago I worked on this site in a totally different industry from what I do today. So, when asked to go back to a site that I had worked previously with one of our current clients Geographe Electrical and Communication GEC and install a 120mm HV cable from a surface mounted temporary transformer to a secondary transformer located 280m underground through the main access decline. I couldn’t say no.

The scope was brief and the site was unseen, except for several photos due to the short notice and immediate mobilisation. We were assured that the terrain was difficult to access and there would be many challenges ahead. Having never worked on a critical project with G.E.C the risks where high – but with an open mind we set out to complete the work professionally.

Nothing could have prepared any of us for that first moment of looking over the edge of pit wall to the bottom of the pit floor. Then, trying to comprehend the way we would get the cable a further 280m underground down the main access decline to the transformer enclosure. After a lot of discussion, set up, readjust, change of plan, and then finally go for it. The cable was installed as per the scope, ready for termination without incident.

Thanks to both Paul Scott and Justin Chan of Geographe Electrical and Communication for the opportunity to complete one of the most interesting projects I have been involved in and the memories it has created for my crew.